Fifth European Universities Games that will be in Belgrade from July 14 – 28, 2021 will gather students that will compete in 20 different sporting disciplines and two para-sports of which Sitting Volleyball will be represented as demonstrative sport competition.. According to announcements and expectations Belgrade will host more than 5000 student-athletes.

Based on the plan from the organizers, all trainings and competitions will be held in 31 locations and most of them aready hosted some significant European and World competitions.

Opening and closing ceremonies are planned to be in the biggest sports hall in the Balkans – Štark Arena. That is the most modern multifunctional venue for sports, culture, fun, exhibitions, fairs and other manifestations in this part of Europe. It has the most modern technology, universal use, sofisticated marketing and extreme comfort visited by between 600 000 and 800 000 people annually.


Belgrade, Serbia


On behalf of the European University Sport Association (EUSA) and the University Sports Association of Serbia (USSS) for the FIRST time in European Universities Games orienteering competition will be organized by:
Serbian Orienteering Association, in cooperation with University of Belgrade

Event Director Ivan Bukvić
Technical Director Dejan Avramović
Event Secretary Stevan Roksandić
EUSA Technical Delegate Dušan Vystavěl
IOF Event Adviser Jerzy Antonowicz
National Controller Dragan Nikolić
Friday 23/07 Day 0 Arrivals, Accreditation, Housing of teams
Saturday 24/07 Day 1 Model event, General Technical Meeting,
Sunday 25/07 Day 2 Sprint Competition (Qualification and Final)
Monday 26/07 Day 3 Middle Distance Competition
Thursday 27/07 Day 4 Sprint Relay Competition, Closing Ceremony of whole Games
Wednesday 28/07 Departures
Event Centre and Accommodation

The Event Centre of the 5. EUG 2021 Belgrade will be at the University Campus „Studentski grad“ (Student City). Accommodation, Dining, Accreditation, Meetings and also training possibilities will be very close to each other. See

Individual competitions:

Women         Sprint, Middle Distance

Men               Sprint, Middle Distance

Winning times (for both classes):

Sprint Qualification and Final: 12 – 15 minutes,

Middle Distance: 35 – 40 minutes

Sprint Relay Competition

Men/Men                              MM                sprint relay

Women/Women                  WW                sprint relay

Men/Women                         MW                sprint relay

Two runners in one team. Both members of the team run twice. One person can only run in one relay team.

 Winning times (per leg) 12 – 15 minutes.

Overall Universities Competition

will be counted from individual and relay competitions – see the Appendix No 1 of Bulletin no.1.

Special Regulations for individual competition

Sprint: Starting lists for qualification heats will be drawn randomly.

Number of qualification heats depends on number of participants in each class:

1 – 120 participants 2 heats
121 – 180 participants 3 heats
181 and more 4 heats

Each final has 60 competitors (A/B/C), D has all the rest

  • if 2 qualification heats: places 1-30 qualify for the “A”-final, others to “B”-final
  • if 3 qualification heats: places 1-20 qualify for the “A”-final,

Note: if the number of competitors in qualification heats will be lower than 40,
only 66% will qualify to the A final. Rest of competitors will run the B final.

Middle distance: starting lists will be according IOF Ranking (forest). Competitors which are not ranked will be drawn randomly.

Punching System and Time-keeping

SportIdent Air+ system will be used. Competitors can use their own SI Air+ card. For competitors without their own SI Air+ card, it will be possible to rent one without charge.

Registration procedure

Participants of the EUG are Universities and similar institutions with the status of an institu- tion of higher education  recognised  by  an  appropriate national authority of their country. Participants shall be nominated through their NUSA (EUSA Members), who can submit General Entry Forms at and  define  a  CONTACT PERSON to carry out the rest of the registration procedure, including submission of the Quantitative Entry Form, Individual Entry Forms and Travel Plans.


Via online EUSA entry system – is available from 01 th December 2020

Entry deadlines

General Entry                                      March 15, 2021

Entry Fee

70 EUR per person per day, 30 EUR EUSA entry fee per person per event in total: 5 days x 70 EUR = 350 EUR + 30 EUR = 380 EUR

The total entry fee includes:

  • entry for all competitions
  • accommodation – double/twin and single rooms in student dormitory
  • meal 3 times per day (from Tuesday’s dinner to Sunday’s breakfast)
  • transport to all competitions and trainings
  • transport from/to the official airport/railway station
Payment deadlines

DEPOSIT (to EUSA): EUSA shall receive a deposit, together with the General Entry Form.

Only general entries with deposits paid within the defined deadlines will be considered.

PARTICIPATION FEE (to OC): 50 (fifty)% of the total sum of the participation fee, withoutconsidering general entry deposit, shall be paid until the Quantitative Entry dead- line (April 15th).

EUSA ENTRY FEE (to EUSA): EUSA shall receive an EUSA Entry Fee from   competitors, officials, NUSA representatives and  other  participants  together with the submission of the Quantitative Entry.


Official train station – Beograd Centar (Belgrade Main Station) Official international airport – Belgrade (BEG)


Participants (according to the EUSA Rules and Regulations)

  • have to be students who are currently officially registered as proceeding towards a degree or diploma at a University or similar institute whose status is recognized by the appropriate national academic authority or their

country, or former students who have obtained their academic  degree  or  diploma  after July 31, 2019

  • competitor’s age is defined by the formula:

the EUG Year – competitor’s year of birth =age. According to this formula, competitor shall not be younger than 17 and older than 31 years

Minimum number of participants from any Univer- sity or similar institute is 1 (one) competitor. There is no restriction on the maximum number of competitors which can be entered by any University or similar institute.


Sprint Qualification, Sprint Final + Sprint Model – flat terrain, urban area

Middle Distance competition + Forest Model – medium hilly terrain,  mixed forest, average number of paths

Sprint Relay competition– hilly terrain, partly urban area, partly park

SAT     24/07 Forest and Technical Model Park wood Kosutnjak TA 1
SAT      24/07 Sprint Model New Belgrade, Competition center TA 2
SUN    25/07 Sprint Qualification New Belgrade, Stark Arena EA 1
SUN    25/07 Sprint Final New Belgrade, Štark Arena EA 1
MON  26/07 Middle Park wood Kosutnjak EA 2
THU    27/07 Relay Kalemegdan fortress EA 3
Reserve Sprint Belgrade, Vidikovac R 1
Reserve Forest Avala R 2


Competition rules

The event will follow EUSA Rules and Regulations, Minimum Technical Requirements and Competition Rules for International Orienteering Federation (IOF).

Clothes and shoes

Running clothes             Only official University clothes will be allowed. It is forbidden to run in national team or club suite.

Running shoes                Spikes are not allowed in all sprint races (sprint Q+F and sprint relay).

Embargoed areas

EUG 2021 embargoed areas can be found here:–D3a7dzm21l_71UAGgS&usp=sharing

Overall map – see the Appendix No 2 of Bulletin no.1.–D3a7dzm21l_71UAGgS&usp=sharin

„SOFT EMBARGO“ in Sprint Qualification and Final (EA2 and EA3 plus R1) areas. It means that is:

NOT ALLOWED: to run with a map, to test route choices ALLOWED: to visit as a student or tourist, to run without a map

„HARD EMBARGO“ in all forest areas (EA1, R2) and in Kalemegdan (EA4) area as well: strictly no entry until the day of the races!

Public races

No public races will be organized in conjunction with 5th EUG 2021.






Bulletins to follow

Bulletin 2 (Technical Handbook)          July 2021

The event will follow EUSA Rules and Regulations, Minimum Technical Requirements and Competition Rules for International Orienteering Federation (IOF).